Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friends again

the drama now gone
forgiveness abounds so that
we smile, hug again

"working from home"

couch is delivered
big, squishy comfy sofa
time for a movie!

taking off cushions
makes a wide space. room for two!
now to find couch friend...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

OB I think?

Babies are so cute
bye bye OB rotation
OB I'll comeback

Monday, February 26, 2007

road rage antidote

searched for new haiku.
found websites galore. Ever
read any "honku?"

Catch up day

Icy snow this morning
but responsibility
and the train beckon

The phone is dead.
None of my clients possess
my dedication

Claire the accountant
however, is in full voice.
"Where are your receipts?!"

So travel reports
are the task of the day.
Oh God! September?!

The receipts cover
my desk, like the ice outside.
I should have stayed home.

Six hours later-
Finally my desk is clear.
Claire's desk - not so much.

speaking of teeth

dentist this AM
chides for brushing too much. First
time for everything.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

weekly shopping

grocery store madhouse
all carts used; people grumpy
i shop from my list

vegetables, fruit,
fresh meats, dairy, cans, ice cream (!)
stocked pantry feels good

80's tv themes...

i miss the eighties
tv themes were so cool then
they make me happy

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Update: Art History

Nail biting all class
waiting for exam's return.
Ninety-six point five.

Blink eyes twice. No way!
Did I really land an A?
Color me surprised.

saturday at the library

the old myth "Shhh!"
is so not true. All noise and
flurry here, no peace.

Friday, February 23, 2007

late night

grey's anatomy
over and over, great show
addictive tv


My not-so baby
ashews the puree, demands
more chicken, mama.

It's table food time
Lin tries in vain to pinch grasp
black beans. Thumb works better.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


lost my friend today.
she didn't die, but man how
she wishes I would.

fingers crossed...

test today was HARD!
hope next one is much better
yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, pray...

open during construction

lars lost his first tooth!
downtime is inefficient;
new tooth grew in first

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


if only children
came with a chip enabling
the vomit button

to be turned off in
the wee hours of morning
two to five a.m.

they are productive
even in late afternoon
wow! laundry galore.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

interesting day...

interesting day
almost fainted while watching
a circumcision.


last week i had that
cold licked. This week another
dumb germ has licked me.

What was lost is found

Two and a half years
the box of tarot and runes
were hidden away

To be found today
nestled in with stuffies, books,
and daycare papers

I may start a site
Reading tarot cards if there
is interest here

Two and a half years
I had just accepted that
they were gone for good.

Monday, February 19, 2007

and another thing

beloved colleague
if you don't stop clipping nails
I will kill you. Yes.

monday morning A.D.D.

too many clients
want stuff like, yesterday. What if
I don't feel like it?

bumpy skin peels off
reveals glowing citrus orb
my priority.

time for more tea! Rise
and find no water bottle
now for refilling.

move phone, clean keyboard,
anything but work. Ah! Must
write haiku - not work.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday's short haiku

Test taken! Too hard.
Science classes are so much
easier than art.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

wanting to be done

sitting in my chair
not motivated at all
wishing i could be

like Epiphany all done
with tests and more tests galore
wanting to survive

a little bit more
last part of the semester
please let it go fast!

Friday, February 16, 2007

How now sweet Haiku

Sleepy morning wakes
to find there was sweet Haiku
love all through the night.

I need my fix says
I, amid Durang-like woe,
yet still laughing wild.

Finally Friday
exam tomorrow, yes, yikes!
At last, sighted end.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where is the Haiku?

Where is the Haiku
today? I waited morning
through the afternoon.

Yes, I yelled. I even
did some of the primal scream
to no panacea.

Punched the wall, kicked the
small black cat. Well, no, just thought
about doing that.

Nothing but my sweet
Haiku will be the salve to
apply to this wound.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snow day

small hooded jawa
floats through my den, cape whirling
pixie looks wary

"and pretend you saw
the smallest gerbil and he
got lost in the snow"

the smallest gerbil?
imagination stretches
much more than i think

Twelve steps for Haiku?

Snow, lovely white snow
What happened here? We have a
Sheet of ice instead.

No school, Highland Park.
No playgroup. No snow playing.
Jammies all day here.

Yawn, stretch. Time to nap?
No, Mom. I'm bored. Please can we
Play outside in snow?

Art project for us?
Maybe a letter box for
day late Valentines.

Markers, natch, stickers
too, craft paper, scissors, and
A shoebox to glue.

I was trying not
to be the first poster here
Addiction's too strong.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

worth the trip to LIC

New laptop! Widescreen!
XP; DVD; wireless
happy employee

Would you go away

Woman, stop calling.
I'm ignoring you, get it?
Please lose my number.

My bad karma, how
crazy two mother-in-laws
Can make one person.

I know the wrath of
Hell. Poison thoughts plague my days.
Blame it on Marlene.

More fluffly stuff

Damn, here comes more snow
Buffalo really does not
need any more of it!


asleep, unaware
prepared, lunging forward
medicine is in!

Sick Day 2

Unrushed, unhurried, slow
clock ticks, refrigerator hums
Girl suns under lamp

boss says work @ home.
blizzard coming, don't risk it
wednesday. Could get used to this...

joke email floats in
colleagues have fun without me
maybe it won't snow

The Lady dresses

What the Hell happened
to dressing like a Lady?
Oh, right! Had two kids.

Black stockings with flats,
black patterned skirt impresses
no one with kid snot.

The cereal shirt,
lipsticked teeth, mascara-ed cheek,
Domestic goddess?

heigh ho, heigh ho

N.Y.C. morning
walk to my office

the trip takes ALL DAY
(I arrive at 9am)
good thing for latté

Monday, February 12, 2007

hmm i think not

i think no in rhyme
of saffron, currents, and mime
no thyme or time too

snow will not fall here
the sheep, the deer, antelope
understand no specifics

was to with scope the
last of these to all ensure
that closure in my rhyme

farewell to thee i
know not who you be the small
one needs a feeding


Long afternoon with
puzzle pieces, books, singing
"Happy Birthday!" to himself

Busy little boy
wanting Mommy's attention
Mommy wants something.

No interruptions?
The chance to be effective?
Maybe chocolate?

In the meantime, she
reads The Toolbox one more time
cuddles sweet baby.

Mommy knows next year
will be very different
little time for books

Puzzles will be done
at preschool, growing up fast
Baby--little boy.

A Lady Laments

Haiku? But, of course!
The Lady Epiphany
Is in da house, yo.

Woke up thinking
Of Omnimom bug parades.
The romper fits well!

Snow tomorrow, dears.
Reschedule eye doctor?
Ten bucks says, "No school".

Brave the grocery,
Fill the gas, check the boiler,
Study today? Not.

Haiku's addictive
Omnimom as my pusher,
"You know you want it."

progress report

Hookey today. Yay!
called in sick. too bad I am.
doctor soon, then bed.

serene apartment
neighbors gone their daily way
just me and my cough.

plump and dignified
he curls on his mat smiling
he thinks "no shot now."

i call him to me.
the jig is up! time to hide
and pretend he's mad.

my begging pleases
a little boy who wants mom
to love only him.

Yummy! Quiet! Odd!

Eating Chocolate
Always so good for everyone
Makes us so happy

No snow day today
Kids are not too happy
Mom likes to see the bus!

Strange dreams last night
Julia Roberts family
stayed here for the weekend.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Haiku! Gesundheit.
I didn't sneeze. No? Then you...
Want to write Haiku.

Haiku? By yourself?
It would be more fun with friends.
So? Let's invite them!