Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetry Challenge: Found Poetry in the MFA Student Handbook

To be considered
In a manner consistent
(With the exception

Of wishing to take
Longer) will not be given

Criticisms from
Persons familiar are
Required. Decisions

Show evidence of
Background denied and thus, be

On the quality
Of original judgment—
Evidence ready.

Skills compatible—
Compatible with ideals
Evidence ready.

When obvious, a
Particular guarantee
May defer, may be

Penalty. Make such
A request prior to growth
Without penalty

Make request, make such
Request primary concern
Is necessary.

But circumstances—
We may grant circumstances.
Unusual, though.

Understand we may
Grant substantial penalty—
Understand these are

Necessary, but not
Sufficient of themselves and
Approval is rare.

Only if there is room.

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