Monday, February 26, 2007

Catch up day

Icy snow this morning
but responsibility
and the train beckon

The phone is dead.
None of my clients possess
my dedication

Claire the accountant
however, is in full voice.
"Where are your receipts?!"

So travel reports
are the task of the day.
Oh God! September?!

The receipts cover
my desk, like the ice outside.
I should have stayed home.

Six hours later-
Finally my desk is clear.
Claire's desk - not so much.


karen said...

september receipts?
wife must be ready to slay!
need reimbursement

icy day your fault;
phone reprieve so claire could yell
next time, do sooner!

Kicking N. Screaming said...

My company won't
cough up the cash for last year.
My company sucks.

Now that I mention
it, I should probably
just up and quit today.

Wait, what of my mood?
...Enjoyed the car sing-along...
Now I'm here...grumpy.

Alec said...
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Alec said...

Reimbursement is
not much thanks to FDA
Platinum AmEx