Saturday, February 17, 2007

wanting to be done

sitting in my chair
not motivated at all
wishing i could be

like Epiphany all done
with tests and more tests galore
wanting to survive

a little bit more
last part of the semester
please let it go fast!


Colleen said...

Just found your site through Karen's blog. I love it! What a great idea. I can't wait to come back and be inspired some more.

Alec said...
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Alec said...

Oh dear, Sister K
counting continues to cause
so much trouble here!

the line that you marred
"like Epiphany all done"
contains seven beats

we are all friends here
and all happy to help count
I will ask Lauren...


Welcome in Colleen!
(I say as a guest here too.)
we all need an outlet...

but as you might see
all of the comments here are
also in Haiku