Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where is the Haiku?

Where is the Haiku
today? I waited morning
through the afternoon.

Yes, I yelled. I even
did some of the primal scream
to no panacea.

Punched the wall, kicked the
small black cat. Well, no, just thought
about doing that.

Nothing but my sweet
Haiku will be the salve to
apply to this wound.


karen said...

too much work today
the phone will not stop ringing
no time for haiku

bibliofilly said...

first day back in days
returned to work, found flood. drowned in email. Glub!

karen said...

needs an extra syllable
to end her haiku:


bibliofilly said...

oh! the horror
can't count syllables and not
even on drugs now

karen said...

still afflicted by
sorrowful counting syndrome
i think you need this:

, my

bibliofilly said...

wretched outcast can't
count syllables! What refuge
for haiku rejects?