Thursday, February 22, 2007


lost my friend today.
she didn't die, but man how
she wishes I would.


karen said...

my friends in texas
so many heartaches this week
i feel sad; helpless

wish i were closer
would bring smile, shoulder, ear,
heart to help heal yours

Spice Girl said...

everyone can say
misery loves company
I know otherwise

rejection notice
a new day brings depression
broken heart with you

bibliofilly said...

losing friends makes room
where you don't want it. friend-shaped
hole can't be refilled.

delaneydiariesmama said...

new friends and haiku
help me heal what is broken
still I can't forget

karen said...

never considered
you might not get in; i hold
you in high esteem

you are passionate
writer mother wife daughter
they are losing out